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Mahia hesitated to reply, her gaze wandering over the little table in confusion. 
        “Um… did I bother you? Am I interrupting something?” she asked softly, lifting her sight back to meet his. “If you would like I could leave. I am very sorry…”


"Not at all. I was was just sitting down to tea when I sensed a guest was approaching. Besides, on a day like this, it would be a shame to take tea inside. Would you like to join me?" Erin smiled warmly; "You really have nothing to apologize for. There is tea, or coffee if you prefer it, and there is a couple of trays of biscuits."
          He hesitated for a moment and knocked his forehead, lightly, with the heel of his palm.
          “Ah yes, how rude of me. I apologize. My name is Erin Edelweiss. Pleased to meet you.”

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Andrew watched the other as he spoke, furrowing his eyebrows slightly. Andrew was fare more interested then he should or meant to be. There was something bothering him and he couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. “Some work.” It wasn’t a total lie.The demon did have a few deals to make and a few people who he needed to meet up with to collect payment.

Andrew looked at the plates of treats and picked up and unfrosted one and took a bite of it. “Do you live out here then?” Normally the blond would’ve drank, eaten and left but the sound of his own eating was bothersome to him.image


Not unfamiliar with demons usual line of work, Erin merely sipped his drink quietly, his eyebrows only raising a smidgen when Andrew had said that. The problem was that Erin could not intervene, regardless of his own feelings on the subject. For some strange reason, he could feel himself wanting to, though.

"Oh, no. My friend lives close by. Although, I assume she’ll move the house again since I mentioned it. The woman dwelling there was from whom I borrowed the china set and baked the food. She’s nice, although a lot less easy going about demons than I am." He smirked a little. "Children are her job specialty, though. Mine is more of an errand boy." He placed his coffee cup carefully back on the dish from which it had been sitting. "It seems we are fascinated by each other, meant to meet, and are both unsure why. Perhaps time shall tell."

He wished he wasn’t getting such mixed messages from upstairs. Demons had their place and humans made their own mistakes, often very willingly, but they rarely truly understood the price they were to pay.

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Andy raised an eyebrow as the other struggled to speak. He waited for the other to collect his thoughts and make a full sentence before speaking. “No. I don’t. I would like some tea though.” Manners weren’t Andrew’s strong point. They never were. “Sensed?” The demon asked with a cock of his head before responding to the question. “Andrew.”image

"Of course. I take mine without anything in it usually, as well." The lack of manners seemed to relax Erin further rather than offend or anger him. His relaxed demeanor showed as frame visibly lost some tenseness. "Oh, yes. I haven’t yet met anyone by accident and today I felt that I would be meeting with someone here. For what purpose is foggy, however. What brings you this way, Andrew?"

Erin sat down on one of the lawn chairs, his hand lifting the handle of the tea pot to pour a cup for Andrew. He then poured himself a cup of coffee. “There are biscuits here, if you are hungry.” There was a couple of plates full of sweet treats - one plate had plain, the other had frosted covered.

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Andrew watched the other for a few seconds. After deciding he was safe, for now he turned and observed where they were. After a few minutes of just looking he heard the angel speak and turned back to look at him, a small smile appearing on his lips.



"I am Erin. Do you take creme or coffee- Erm. Creme or te-" Erin stumbled on his words and felt embarrassed for his momentary fluster.

"Do you take creme or sugar with your tea or coffee? They’ve just been brewed. I thought I sensed someone coming this way, you see. Who might you be?”

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A demon was standing before him and he was unsure why. None of the higher-ups had told him to hunt this demon. (Not yet, anyway) So for now he would remain cordial and reserve his judgment. Erin had nothing in particular against demons, anyway.


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The tea and coffee set and snacks had been set out on a table fashioned from a tree stump within a small garden. Erin stood as he viewed the other person.


"Creme or sugar?"

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